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Policies & Tuition

Private Instruction

Music lessons at RMC are private, one-on-one instruction scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time between teacher and student. Lessons are scheduled in half hour, 45 minute, and one hour time slots. The duration of the lesson is based upon the student’s ability and may increase as he or she develops musically. Parents of younger children may sit in on lessons in the beginning so that they may better help their child practice at home. This may continue until the teacher decides this becomes a distraction to the lesson.


Each student will be given the opportunity to perform at our annual Recitals, usually held over a 2 weekend period between late May and mid June. Additionally, students are introduced to local and state competitions as they become available throughout the year.

Choice of Teacher

All instructors at RMC are qualified teachers with varying degrees of education and experience. Every effort is made to match the student’s ability and interest with the appropriate teacher. If a customer feels that the teacher selected is not a good match, the office will attempt to schedule with another teacher, subject to schedule availability. All teachers’ background information is available from the office upon request.

Lesson Cancellations

Consistent and regular instruction is vital to a student’s musical development. Please do your best to keep your regularly scheduled lesson time. Teachers will be available, and will be paid accordingly, for scheduled lesson times. One missed or cancelled lesson will be made up each quarter. This cancellation will be accepted for any reason and will be kept track of and enforced by the office at RMC. Subsequent cancellations may be made up if a teacher’s schedule permits. These subsequent make-ups are at the discretion of the teacher and are not a mandatory part of their job description at RMC.


Full tuition cost is due on or before the first lesson of every month from every customer, no exceptions. Please keep in mind that teachers’ salaries are dependent on your tuition being paid in a timely manner. If a payment is not received in a timely manner, the teacher reserves the right to remove the student in question from their schedule.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in paying your tuition on time. The efforts of the teachers and RMC Office are best spent on ensuring that your children receive the finest musical education we can offer. Dealing with delinquent payments only distracts us from providing you with the best service possible.

Whether you have a young child ready to embark on a lifetime of music, an older student preparing for auditions, or a spouse who has always wanted to learn to play an instrument, Raritan Music Center teachers and staff have the experience to help you achieve your musical goals.